$ 1 million DeSoto County Hospital and Osceola Regional Hospital to help.

Additionally, Secretary Thompson emergency and mental health staff Florida are used state and local state and local efforts. We are determined to Florida families with the tools they need to recover from Hurricane Charley, Secretary Thompson said. $ 1,000 round the clock for the Health and Human Services to identify needs, and we will be here as long as the people of Florida need us. .. The initial funding includes up to $ 10 million in emergency one-off grants for Start and Early Head Start Centers Head, $ 1 million DeSoto County Hospital and Osceola Regional Hospital to help, and a $ 200,000 assist emergency grant, Florida officials provide meals, lodging and services for elderly residents affected by Hurricane Charley.

For comprehensive information on health, visitNote: All HHS press releases.. – Initial $ 1,000 Mission Assignment 49 specialty care nurses, four primary care providers, four pharmacists and 11 radiology and laboratory technicians at two hospitals will provide the biggest hit by the effects by the storm. These people are, of the U.S. Public Health Service commissioned corps, the Veterans Administration, the Department of Defense Send. National Disaster Medical System to come. This mission assignment may be extended as needed, but that effort will require hospitals to begin their work shortly.

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