2004 Dutch ambassador to Moscow said at the time of crisis treatments for men.

Both political and humanitarian actors criticized the legal process chosen and Geneva court the Dutch government. The Geneva court also voiced criticism in his ruling states that it felt it was inappropriate for in the interests of victims of armed conflicts and humanitarian actors and the the legal framework of the legal framework of abduction problems treatments for men . June 15, 2004 Dutch ambassador to Moscow said at the time of crisis , in an article in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handesblad that a decision to refer the decision of the Geneva Court of Justice would publish unwise.

This decision is a serious political act that contradicts publicly asserted commitment of the Dutch government to support humanitarian action. It is even more outrageous, as the court in its 15th In March 2007 ruling Founded, without the least ambiguity that the charges formulated by the Dutch government were unfounded. In addition, found that the proposal of a loan agreement that was just speculation between the two parties. The Geneva Court confirmed that MSF was never committed to reimburse the ransom, the free Arjan Erkel used. In addition in its judgment, the Geneva court also noted as follows: ‘The investigations have shown that the transaction and the process of liberation of the results were taken by the Dutch authorities and their contacts. ‘The court ruling also stated that the collection of the necessary money for the unilateral payment of the ransom government government, and that Russian and Dutch authorities jointly planned the release of Arjan Erkel.

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