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Whether pain is increasing nationally is difficult to say, Nahin said. But the good news is that roughly half of these living with severe pain indicated in the study that they were nevertheless in great or excellent physical health overall. And even better news: The poll discovered that 44 % of American adults state their lives are pain-free. The estimates derive from the responses of 9 nearly,000 adults who took part in the 2012 National Health Interview Study. The poll is conducted by the U annually.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The NIH says more Americans are affected by pain overall than are touched by diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.The trial compared 3 doses of APD403 against placebo in the delayed phase of CINV. All individuals received the same acute-stage anti-emetic prophylaxis. The principal endpoint was comprehensive response in the time 24-120 hours after the administration of chemotherapy. APD403 was superior to placebo at preventing delayed CINV significantly, with the optimal dose improving the entire response rate by 26 percent and significantly reducing the incidence of both nausea and vomiting, compared to placebo.