5 million patient names.

When asked by Reuters if the most recent hacking effort was related to the Chinese government, Carmakal said it was ‘a chance’ but he’d not elaborate. The Chinese federal government typically is involved, on some level, but remains aloof in its intelligence efforts to provide Beijing plausible deniability. One additional cybersecurity firm, CrowdStrike, provides been monitoring APT 18 for a number of years also. Officials there state that the hackers are either backed by the Chinese government – – which, by the way, controls all the Internet nodes coming into, and going out of, the country – – or they work straight for the government, given the targets they go after.. 4.5 million patient names, birth dates, social security numbers stolen in substantial hack attack In the most recent breach of privacy and Internet security, a cyber attack while it began with China hacked into the computers of Community Health Systems Inc., among the largest U.S.9-11 at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. Experts and educators at the University of Alabama at Birmingham , a summit host, will welcome health care professionals and academic, authorities and scientific leaders to build up and share approaches for fighting obesity. Summit attendees will come from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, SC, Tennessee, Texas, West and Virginia Virginia. Most are part of weight problems ‘state teams’ scheduled to report on programs, legislation, study and other initiatives designed to battle the epidemic. State groups are composed of government officials, open public medical researchers, healthcare providers, community people and organizers concerned with the growing epidemic.