About Phosphagenics LimitedPhosphagenics is a Melbourne-based.

About Phosphagenics LimitedPhosphagenics is a Melbourne-based, globally driven biotechnology company in the discovery of new and cost effective ways to improve the bioavailability, activity, safety and delivery of proven pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products improve focus.

This study,. By CMAX was a single-center, single-blind, pharmacokinetic study in 16 healthy volunteers. The study endpoints were to provide the safety and tolerability of the TPM / oxycodone formulation and the ability of the TPM technology oxycodone to judge the body.

Only the number of08. Rates for organ transplants is increasing, but organ donations are decreasingThe number of living donor organs for transplantation has in in the past five years, according to a new study. Furthermore , the study showed that for the first time, dropped organs from deceased donors in 2008.A medicine that take effect without increasing dose will a valuable progress in the treatment of severe pain.. Over Cannabinor and CB2 – selective cannabinoidsCannabinor has proved its effectiveness in a series of preclinical animal models of pain, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Analgesic activity was in the nociceptive , neuropathic visceral and inflammatory pain rodents and occupies in post-operative pain in a porcine model surgery. The magnitude of the analgesia was. Generally equivalent or more than that of the acceptable the comparator means, including morphine, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and gabapentin In a series of models that duration of analgesia is measured, cannabinor stayed effective in the reducing the pain significantly longer than morphine.

Because they are range from having little up to barely detectable affinity for on the central nervous system is CB1 receptor, CB2 – selective and specific agonists lacks the unwanted psychotropic side effects to many natural cannabinoids are. CB2 agonist binding CB2 on the immune system on immune and inflammable cells. By activation CB2 receptors CB 2 agonists impede autoimmune and inflammatory processes of, and is probably useful to treat pain, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Pharmos develops his CB2 agonist as care in chronic pain and autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and is rheumatoid arthritis.