According to a scholarly study conducted by researchers from Duke University.

Presently, the foremost hypothesis is that FP is normally induced by a number of herpes virus. Yet data display that such herpes infections have existed for thousands of years and as a result cannot solely explain the sudden surge in FP. However in turtles and also in humans, herpes infections are seen as a a pattern where the virus widely infects a inhabitants at a latent or subclinical level and is triggered into an active form by particular environmental elements. In a 2010 research, the same experts showed that FP was more frequent in areas receiving huge volumes of nitrogen-rich runoff. They hypothesized that runoff may be changing the nutrient composition of algae, thus triggering latent herpes infections to produce FP. That study demonstrated that the hypothesis effectively described 72 % of the regional variation in FP prices over the Hawaiian islands.Dr. Greenberg is a head in neuro-scientific T-cell immunity and vaccine advancement. Hearst, PhD., emeritus Professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley, was a co-founder of Cerus Corporation, where he served on the Table of Directors from 1992 to 2001. Dr. Hearst can be an expert in nucleic acid chemistry and an inventor of the technology now secured by the ‘725 patent.D., F.R.S., D.Sc. , Director of the UCSF Helen Diller Family members Comprehensive Cancer Associate and Middle Dean of the UCSF School of Medicine. Dr. McCormick founded Onyx Pharmaceuticals in 1992 and offered as its CSO until 1996. Portnoy, Ph.D., Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology at UC Berkeley.