After an excellent third quarter: Bayer confirms Group outlook Sales of the Bayer Group rose by 1.

All regions contributed to growth, especially Latin America/Africa/ Middle East. Plus 5. Plus 3.0 %).2 % . By contrast, the animal health business stagnated at the prior-year level.6 % . EBITDA before special items of HealthCare improved by 9.3 % to EUR 1,226 million . The underlying EBITDA margin thus rose to 29.2 % . Earnings were driven by the pharmaceuticals business, where costs were reduced all functions. This displays our efficiency applications are beginning to bear fruit, said Dekkers. Health system reforms and negative currency changes, nevertheless, had a negative effect. About Bayer Health care The Bayer Group is normally a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech components.Seeds and nuts are filled with unactivated enzymes, and soaking them for many hours before eating them enables the germination process to begin with, and the enzymes to come quickly to life. This is an incredible support for your digestive system, and also makes the seeds and nuts incredibly tasty. 4. Provide your digestive tract a break. When you fast or cleanse, you give your body an opportunity to re-set itself. You will find increased health insurance and energy. This can sound counterintuitive to individuals who have by no means tried it, because we think of food as the foundation of our energy and think we shall feel tired without it, but actually, digestion requires a lot of energy, and most people discover that throughout a fast they are able to continue with a lot of their regular activities.