Although topical anesthetics can help reduce the pain of a shot.

Although topical anesthetics can help reduce the pain of a shot, they often need to be requested in advance. In contrast, the majority of psychological interventions can be used quickly and easily and does not need much advance preparation, Uman said.

It also shows that hypnosis is effective in reducing both pain and distress during needle procedures, especially during more invasive ones such as bone marrow aspirations and lumbar punctures. .. The techniques with the most evidence of its effectiveness in reducing pain and distress during needle procedures include distraction, combined cognitive and behavioral interventions and hypnosis, Uman, a doctoral student in clinical psychology, said.

Many of the techniques do not require a lot of training on the part of the doctors or nurses and can be easily implemented, Uman said.Published online (and features include clinical questions tool to ACP MKSA, blogs, breaking news, Twitter feeds (and and e – newsletter covering with a clinical updates any time and latest news specific internal medical. – the EXCEL Awards honored and put the best published products of the Society industrial ASHPE recognized drafting quality and services in the field of healthcare publishing.

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