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A matching system for living donors is important because around 36 % of the living donor – recipient pairs will probably blood group incompatible, and about 30 % of patients on the on the kidney recipient list, HLA antigen sensitization, Montgomery said .

In a previous study, Li – lab genetically heart cells from human developed developed derived, suggesting the possibility of transplantation for unlimited supplies of healthy, specialized cells into damaged organs. ‘we do not want to take any chances of tumor formation Based on our previous studies , we have therefore decided that the existence of ion channels in pluripotent, or versatile, human human ESCs because the electrical activity is known to regulate cell differentiation and proliferation, ‘Li said,’to my knowledge, the electrical properties of human ESCs were never studied up to this point. Potassium andthe current study, the researchers measured the electric currents of single human ESCs discovered multiple channels and enable control passage of potassium, and observed the electric current, the effect on cell differentiation and proliferation.

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