Dr. Seema Malik, MD, Eleganza Rejuvenation Clinic will conduct a workshop maintaining these presssing problems of mid aged brides. Dr. Seema Malik in her workshop will impress up on these future women and brides from different walks of life, the future disadvantages of various beauty products without correct direction. She’ll discuss over the quarries of and nagging problems of the to be brides, provide them her expert opinion on how best to tackle problems of wrinkles, saggy epidermis and fast weight loss, how chemical substance based products could harm them and how they are able to make their skin appearance radiant, young and healthy within time. According to DR. SEEMA MALIK, The pattern is changing and the time is set for the brides in 30’s or late 30’s who aren’t only flaunting the best designer sarees, makeup or hairstyles also for the types who actually look healthful and match the young and glowing skin.Write down the AdversityI want to write a written book, but in twenty years have never had the opportunity to get it done. I am extremely discouraged, but cannot forget about this goal still. 2. Identify the negative BeliefFor me, it was: I cannot do it. It will be an enormous waste of time because I’ll never surface finish such a long, overwhelming project. 3. Notice the Implications of the belief: Because of this belief I. • Don’t even make an effort to write a book • Am closed-minded about the whole lot • Have never opened myself to creative ways to get it carried out &bull up; Haven’t asked how I possibly could make the process fun and productive • Have never linked to other authors to learn how they did it • Have not paid attention to the latest styles in independent publishing • Make a large number of assumptions about publishers and marketing – and all of these assumptions lead me to reject the idea of writing a reserve • Never considered choices that fit my writing design, such as for example producing a short, to-the-point book and offering it &bull inexpensively; Never make amount of time in my schedule to focus on the project• Always feel bad about myself when considering the essential idea 4.