Because of the extensive outbreaks in the region.

Because of the extensive outbreaks in the region, the plan to a team from the Regional Office for Africa send and the Center for the control measures must be assessed wherever possible. These include anti – vectoral activities, a comprehensive public health education campaign through the mass media to sensitize the population about safety measures and strengthening of epidemiological surveillance and vectoral surveillance. South-East a sub – regional strategy for the surveillance and control of chikungunya and other arboviruses with national authorities. They are La Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius and coordinate system with the AFRO vector inspection visit to the Seychelles.

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Chikungunya, a viral disease, to humans by infected mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti typically transmitted, although other competent mosquito vectors can be. The name, chickungunya comes from the Swahili for stooped walk, which the physique of a man suffering from the disease. The disease has been described in Africa, South-East Asia, southern India and Pakistan.In general human and natural systems for a sustainable future and the quality of life.

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Contacts: Jianguo Jack Liu, Center for system integration and sustainable , Thomas Dietz, Environmental Science & Policy Program , William Taylor, fishing and wildlife Jamie Depolo, Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station..