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Even then, there is strong evidence that trans essential fatty acids improved plasma cholesterol levels, Kummerow said. The meals oil industry reluctantly decided to lower the trans fatty acid articles and increase efa’s in its products. That noticeable modification coincided with a dramatic decline in coronary heart disease mortality after 1968. Kummerow believes the decline in the dietary intake of trans fats and the increase in linoleic acid could clarify at least part of the decrease in mortality because of heart disease. To reinforce his message, Kummerow will keep in his lab a sample of individual arteries that are clogged with atherosclerotic plaque.Kids specially at risk Meningitis outbreaks have devastated communities in the poorest countries of Africa for many years. Kids, in particular, are at risk. Now, with the new vaccine that’s longer promising to be effective, there is a good chance that we can finally get a grip on the condition and protect all children and parents from this life-threatening disease, stated Esther Guluma, Regional Director, UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa. This is a significant development in the avoidance and control of cerebro-spinal meningitis in the Sahel countries which will reduce the risk of epidemics currently killing a large number of people in the meningitis belt, stated Dr Luis Gomes Sambo, Director of the WHO Regional Office for Africa.