By offering feel MAVS in the mitochondrial membrane check this web-site.

Chen speculated that the mitochondria in immune system could monitor because of their location near internal cell membranes where viral replication is have developed. By offering feel MAVS in the mitochondrial membrane, a strategic position for the cells, the presence of viruses, especially viral replication, said Chen. In addition, MAVS is unique because it has both a mitochondrial targeting sequence, and a CARD domain sequence, said Chen check this web-site . CARD domain proteins is known to be involved in apoptosis, and the mitochondria are also known to be involved in apoptosis. So while is pure speculation, is pure speculation, but maybe the combination of these two domains in a protein, Understand enable the cells to integrate and coordinate signals somehow apoptotic reactions or immune responses, depending on the nature of the viral infection. Apoptosis is triggered when a cell during development or during development or damaged beyond repair, it serves to protect the body from the accumulation of damaged or malfunctioning cells. Chen said that the newly discovered immunological service cell rendered by mitochondria makes good biological and evolutionary sense. evolutionarily, it is believed that mitochondria from ancient bacteria, which formed a symbiotic relationship with eukaryotic cells originated, said Chen. developing for symbiosis, the bacteria and the of advantage of advantage to another. Mitochondria have long been known to cause the main function of producing chemical energy for the cell, as well as a sense serve damage and apoptosis. I think our discovery shows that another important function of the mitochondria, and that is in immunity, he said.

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