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Finally, the researchers several new virulence factors, bacterial proteins, induce the disease in the host.Camejo, Cabanes and colleagues, this work shows how DNA arrays can give a detailed picture of the molecular interactions between pathogen and host , as they occur in the host in real time and how they can be a powerful tool to prevent infections such as understanding shown by the discovery of several new virulence factors for Listeria. This information can now be used in the development of effective measures against the disease, especially in susceptible individuals, but also paves the way for the use of technology in other infectious diseases, where the knowledge of the host / pathogen interaction is still rare.The test is totaled 98.9 % accurately of identifying MRSA and 99.4 % accurate in determining MSSA within organisms such as S. Aureus.

Best suited antibiotics for infection of a patient as a two days, as dictate with this the current test method.. ‘to mortality for S. Aureus bloodstream infections ranging from 30 40 % , and patients will at on a combination of antibiotics fighting of infection before in order receipt results The the cultural. The Details trial test enable doctors more quickly to optimize therapy, which has closely correlated with better patient outcomes.