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This is the reason underlying the recommendation that women who are pregnant folic acid supplement folic acid supplement. A team of researchers, led by Bermans Iskandar, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, now has data in rodents suggesting that folic acid might also help to create healing injured brain and spinal cord. In particular, the team may uncover a molecular pathway by which folic acid nerve regeneration nerve cell regeneration following injury in rodents.. Testerstanding how folic acid might help heal brain and spinal cord injuriesbabies born to women who do not consume have enough folic acid have a high risk for the development of neural tube defects .‘But depending on fruit and vegetables you elect, it is surely is worth the effort. There are strong indications to eating plenty a range of fruit and vegetables is great for your health ‘ of cancer. ‘Reduce probability risk a set of cancers, including oesophageal tumors and mouth, pharynx and the larynx people who have eat plenty of fruits and vegetable well as are less likely to be overweight, this is an important risk factor for cancer. ‘.

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