Epidemiologic studies have shown that a course from radiation therapy.

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About the International Union Against Cancer UICC is the only global non-governmental organization dedicated exclusively to cancer prevention, treatment and care, with members in 100 countries.particularly honored’ Cancer Announces 2006 Pediatric Cancer Research Grantswas The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center designated at Johns Hopkins, the primary recipients of the 2006 grants from Curing Kids ‘ Cancer, the charity that raises money for leading pediatric cancer research by kids sports teams and schoolchildren.

– In general, the people in all countries more willing that things might take beyond their control cause cancer , than things that are within their own control ..Scientists know little, however, on the biological reasons for this serious side effects, to many times does not appear up lot of years after treatment. – ‘research from the fact that the disease process is so slow were disabled,’Martin Hall at Karolinska Institutet at Karolinska Institutet. Non-irradiated are to the rather to the more immediate impact, and human trials have been excluded for ethical reasons. ‘.. Epidemiologic studies have shown that a course from radiation therapy , the risk of cardiovascular diseases is increased in the same part of the body, left-sided myocardial infarction tumors according treatment of breast cancer or stroke after treating the the head and neck or the brain.

This kind of autograft contains the transplantation of skin, muscle or bone tissue from a portion of a patient body on the defects caused after the tumor removal in a different, often irradiating part. By harvesting biopsies from previously irradiated branches of the carotid artery and non-irradiated arterial transplant , researchers have been able to compare the difference in global gene expression between irradiated and non-irradiated artery from the same patient simultaneously.

They felt that the exposed artery with chronic inflammation of and increasing the activity of nuclear factor-kappaB , After radiotherapy. – plays an important role in the development of arteriosclerosis was announced. Greater flammable expression was seen for a number of years after exposure, and would, the researchers believe, explain why cancer patients can suffer the cardiovascular s disease many years of after radiotherapy..