Having access to robust protection of employees and insurance.

Researchers with the Human Early Learning Partnership and the School of Population and Public Health at UBC found that low and medium -skilled workers are in the United States have a higher risk of death when they lose their jobs than their German counterparts, having access to robust protection of employees and insurance. Unemployment makes a difference for the health of the most vulnerable groups, low-paid and low-skilled employees, said Chris McLeod, said the lead researcher on the paper and a postdoctoral fellow with the Human Early Learning Partnership. For low-income countries and low-skilled workers, it is not just about losing your job, U.S. Workers and being on the bottom of the labor market. .

Canada was not included in the study but has a liberal market economy similar to the U.S. , the Canadian government is currently implementing reforms of the country’s unemployment insurance system, which can reduce the performance of low-income and low-skilled workers.

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