Health care centers.

AHF denies BMS sales reprepresentatives access to healthcare centers Today AIDS Healthcare Basis announced that it has banned pharmaceutical product sales representatives from Bristol-Myers Squibb from contacting AHF’s medical companies and staff in it is sixteen U Click here .S. Health care centers. The decision is based on BMS’ refusal to lessen the cost of its key AIDS medication Reyataz for cash-strapped Helps Drug Assistance Applications. Nevertheless, BMS has refused to do its part.S. Homayoon Khanlou, M.D. State: As AHF has repeatedly described to BMS concerning this matter, the high cost charged for Reyataz can be contributing to a crisis that has left a large number of patients without access to lifesaving AIDS treatment. By the date of the letter, there are 1,879 people on ADAP waiting lists for AIDS medications.