If a texting driver can be making you nervous but you are not sure how to bring the topic up.

Or say something like, ‘My dad explained I can’t trip with you because he says you text and drive.’ Talking about parents: As everybody knows, it isn’t just young drivers who all text. If you’re stuck in an automobile with an adult who’s texting behind the wheel, be direct and inform them to stop. Most adults know that parents are telling kids not to text and drive continuously, so they should experience embarrassed enough to put down the phone. If a driver absolutely won’t stop texting or laughs at you for being nervous, don’t argue. The very last thing anyone needs is a road-raging, texting driver. Get out the car as soon as you can. Next time that driver presents to give you a ride, say, ‘no, thanks.’..Last year, David Clarke, sheriff of Milwaukee County, also warned citizens to secure a firearm for self-defense rather than be victimized by criminals waiting for 9-1-1 [ In a radio advertisement he produced and his office released, Clarke urged residents to get a weapon and take a firearms safety program because ‘contacting 911 and waiting is certainly no longer your very best option.’ Others have done so as well, but why? How come, in the 21st century, more People in america in more communities are less secure than these were even 20 years ago? Resources can be more scarce An enormous part of the nagging problem has to do with federal, state and regional budgets.