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In one of the letters, wrote Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield officials when the pool is expanded, the insurer would be premiums premiums for state employees by 4 percent by more than $ by more than $ 24 million in fiscal, July begins fibromyalgia prescriptions . Officials wrote officials wrote that the bill would be health insurance coverage to a larger group of people who would be show a substantial change in the underlying assumptions of the bid , which enable the company extend recalculation of their offer. Anthem President David Fusco said the company would step back, the second and third year rate caps for 2009 and 2010 , J the Company has agreed as part of a three-year offer to insure state employees.

In a separate letter, ConnectiCare called on Rell, the bill veto. Jewett Jewett, a spokesman for ConnectiCare, said: We believe that the bill could harm competition in the current private market, put an unmet load on the state and prevent municipalities from which the flexibility to their workers’ health the to control costs. Say Rell not, it would go against the bill, but she said: I have great concerns about the measure (Keating, Hartford Courant.

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