In temporary henna tattoos and in some inks.

Allergic contact dermatitis to paraphenylenediamine Here are two cases of allergic contact dermatitis to a chemical substance found in many permanent hair dyes, in temporary henna tattoos and in some inks. Case histories Contact allergy to long lasting hair dye A 32-year-old man offered a marked angioedematous reaction on his encounter, ears, scalp and neck that had started six hours after having blonde tips put on his dark hair by a hairdresser . There is no involvement of the respiratory tract. He previously had no reaction 3 years ago when he had the same locks dye applied. There was no background to suggest prior food allergy, and he was on no medications.In a strange way, because alcoholic beverages are consumed for enjoyment and recreation purposes, they seem to after that have a permit to be dangerous for health. Mouthwashes, however, are marketed as wellness products, that makes it very ironic that they could be cancer-causing thus. But again then, those of us acquainted with the workings of standard medicine would be well aware that lots of of the merchandise and strategies it pushes are in fact dangerous for human wellness. The necessity to Reassess the Use of Alcohol-Containing Mouthwashes According to market surveys, mouthwash use is definitely on the up.