It is harmful with the compound formed in the air in the course in the course of tobacco smoldering.

Then the sorbent color and color and intensity of the color, the volume and the nature of the poison determine a visitor to counter passed by a smoking room. And the dose of these substances a visitor during the period he smoking smoking – room, as it is highly unlikely that he was sitting there in a gas mask is captured.. Has invented the concept of operation of chemical dosimeters by specialists of the Kazan State Technological University pretty simple. It is necessary to to one plate of a multiple – purpose sorbent to be worn on a lower layer sorbent with sorbent with a specific compound. It is harmful with the compound formed in the air in the course in the course of tobacco smoldering.

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DCPR device disease DSM-IV cases were higher value on several BSI subscales when compared to patients with only one DCPR device for syndrome, whereas no distinction was found to patients containing more than one diagnostics DRPC.

DCPR the system proved to be useful in the oncology during the investigation psychological states which the DSM-IV the DSM-IV alone. Assessment specific constructs, any other than intensity general stress symptoms can be indicate longer information specific and using in adjusting psychological intervention of patients with Krebs.. Symptoms which Diagnostic Criteria Fail at identifying mental health problems in oncology.

The aims of the study the DSM-IV and the DCPR device for had compare them in their application to patients with cancer One hundred and 46 patients with Crab underwent semistructured interviews psychiatric morbidity and mental health diseases according the DSM.