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Neurons rate can be the key to preventing obesityResearchers have discovered how a hormone produced in the gut, the rate of gastric emptying with and thus suppresses appetite and food intake slows down. Results of animal studies have been at the Endocrine Society ‘s 94th Annual Conference in Houston presented. – The gut hormone glucagon-like peptide 2 or GLP-2 acts through a neurotransmitter and tweaking gastric emptying – as suspected – its receptor action in the brain, said study leader, Xinfu Guan, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

This results, Guan, that takes place in the central nervous system, the GLP-2 receptor is an important physiological role in the control of food intake, and the gastric emptying.

The researchers also found that this receptor rapidly PI3K PI3K intracellular signaling in the POMC neurons. This in turn induces neuronal excitation and gene expression after Guan.

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