Nikolaos Scarmeas.

The study involved two groups of 1,880 community – dwelling elderly residents of New York City without dementia was at the beginning of the study, it is available for both nutrition and physical activity information. Standardized neurological and neuropsychological measures approximately every 1.5 years from 1992 manages to 2006.. Nikolaos Scarmeas, of Columbia University Medical Center, New York medium or high) examined the association between physical activity and the risk of AD and also the effect of physical activity and adherence to a Mediterranean – type diet on AD risk.

The authors write: ‘Compared with individuals with low physical activity and low adherence to a diet , high physical activity and high nutrition was adherence associated with a 35 % relative to 44 % absolute absolute AD risk, 12 %). Absolute AD risks declined from 21 % in the group with no physical activity, and low diet adherence to 9 % in the group with much physical activity and high nutritional compliance. ‘.

The participants received measurements of their affiliation with a Mediterranean-type diet and their physical activity , separately and combined. In which meat and dairy products;, a higher ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats and mild to moderate alcohol consumption a higher score diet with with higher consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and fish..The JVN the only diagnosis retina of evaluation service offering patients a pain-free and not – dilated diabetic eye disease evaluate, which eye test towards undilated by retinal specialists by retinal specialists were the JVN is already a in service with over 35 German health care facilities in 15 States shall, and which at the Joslin Diabetes at the Joslin Diabetes Center Partners of Bahrain. ‘Our new Joslin Affiliate enables us the world class of for to the estimated 100,000 people with diabetes in Rhode Iceland offering, and we are proud to the first member of of JVN Jobs, ‘said Peter Koch, Chief Executive Officer, kitchen Eye Associates.

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Diabetic retinopathy is one of the important diabetes complications. The problem is exacerbated because the disease asymptomatic, especially at early stages, when it is at treatable. Missed or lack of care is lead to disastrous results. However by early detection and appropriate treatment can be prevented visual loss.