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Jochen Gensichen. – As declared Misgeld:.. Professor for improve improve depression careGerman Institute Institute of General Medicine in Frankfurt / Main and Jena positive results from a sustainable intervention in the primary care practice (Annals of Internal Medicine, Volume 151, Number 6 reaches, the international significance of the study is also stressed in the editorial the cluster randomized controlled trial (Primary Care monitoring for depressive patients trial. Examined the effects of practice-based health care assistants making structured monthly follow-up calls to patients with depression, with the aim of assessing symptoms of depression and reporting back to. The practitioner ‘is the practice team will situation situation and respond to deterioration immediately and not least prompt patient care,’said lead investigator Dr.Americans aged 18 years and older above 98 million trips in to the hospital emergency services in 2008 for the problems from broken bones to heart attacks, accordance with the latest Messaging and Numbers by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This corresponds to 78 % of total almost EUR125 million visits this year. The Federal Office analysis of well found that the prices of the emergency room were:.

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