Patient characteristics were between the two arms between the two arms: median age 50 years.

Patient characteristics were between the two arms between the two arms: median age 50 years, conservative surgery was performed in 52 , 39 percent of, 39 percent of tumors, grade III, 79 percent were HR positive, 21 percent of patients were negative HR and 62 percent of patients had 1-3 positive lymph nodes. In addition,bed treatment was completed in 98 percent of patients in the FEC 100 plus docetaxel arm and 99 percent of patients in the FEC 100 only arm. In addition, the relative dose intensity of 96 percent in the FEC 100 arm and 98 percent in the FEC 100 plus docetaxel arm .

The data from this large phase III randomized, multi -center clinical study that evaluated nearly 2,000 patients of Dr. Henri Roche were on behalf of a consortium of French and Belgian oncologists presented and showed that patients who received sequential treatment of a disease-free survival rate reached 78.3 percent in the sequential arm and 73.2 percent in the FEC 100 only arm. Moreover, patients achieved with sequential therapy treats overall survival of 90.7 percent, and those FEC FEC alone were overall survival of 86.Courtesy of It , the all Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Report indicate Jearch the archives and sign up for email with an in Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage from strongly in favor emperors network. A free service of of The Henry J. Publishes. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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