Researchers say that it appears that Dicer and Drosha a critical role in RNA interference.

Researchers say that it appears that Dicer and Drosha a critical role in RNA interference, a mechanism the genes stations from making proteins within cells that cause diseases play, by regulating the body’s ability suppress suppress tumors. The results suggest that low levels of Dicer and Drosha permit genes continue to function when it should be shut down, according to the Houston Chronicle. Anil Anil Sood – a professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center – said: What’s important is that Dicer and Drosha crucial to the process of RNA interference (Berger, Houston Chronicle.. For the study the researchers examined protein levels in a group of nearly 250 women with ovarian cancer and found that women with a high Dicer and Drosha in their tumor cells median survival median survival time time of 11 years.

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