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Approximately five million Americans you live with Alzheimer's disease today, and the prevalence of the disease continues to grow with devastating effect for patients and themselves, said Anthony J. Coyle, PhD, Senior Vice President at Pfizer and CTI's Chief Scientific Officer. There is an urgent need to explore new avenues for treatment in Alzheimer's disease. Speeding drug discovery is the goal of every CTI collaboration, and the ADDF is certainly uniquely positioned to be a strong partner in our initiatives to translate analysis into therapies for folks suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The ADDF is the latest foundation to join Pfizer CTI's network of partners and the only foundation partner working on a disease of the central anxious system..Marijuana legalization has truly gone from something extremely abstract and something you might have backed to something very real and in addition possible. And it’s happening, says Erik Altieri, director of communications for NORML, one of the leading cannabis advocacy groups pushing for cannabis independence over the U.S. As far as 2014 is normally concerned, many more says are poised to legalize marijuana for recreational make use of, including California and Alaska, where more voters than not are ready to scrap prohibition. Other claims on the verge of legalization include Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Oregon, all of which have either pending legislation or voter referendums sitting on the sidelines to legalize cannabis.