Sector development came in the key regions of oncology.

24 percent rise in the amount of clinical trials according to Cell Therapy Catapult annual UK analysis The Cell Therapy Catapult has published its annual analysis of the united kingdom preclinical and clinical research landscapes with the release of its UK Clinical and Pre-Clinical Trials Databases . These display a 24 percent rise in the number of scientific trials and an increase of 22 percent in the amount of pre-clinical projects. Sector development came in the key regions of oncology, neurology, ophthalmology and cardiovascular. The UK Clinical Trials Database addresses cell therapy scientific trial activity that the Cell Therapy Catapult believes to be ongoing in the united kingdom by April 2015.

David Margolis, an HIV specialist at the University of NEW YORK at Chapel Hill, said the findings aren’t unexpected. The epidemic offers remained stable, he said, and there has been little progress in getting medical diagnosis and care to enough of the affected populations. As for the high number of HIV-positive individuals who hadn’t taken recommended antiretroviral medicines within the last month – – 48 % – – del Rio said these statistics reveal what lengths off those numbers are from the goal of UNAIDS for the year 2020. The goal: that 90 % of HIV-infected people know their position, 90 % of diagnosed people are on antiretroviral medicines and 90 % of those on treatment have no detectable virus in their blood.