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In addition, Dr . Similar telemedicine setups any remote location any remote location, physicians can better serve patients primarily in rural areas. This press release is available on our World Wide Web home page at / home / news / index.

Phase 2 clinical studies of NB-002randomized, double-blinded, over 50s Phase 2 clinical study out of by NanoBio to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a doses NB-002 into evaluate the treatment of distal subungual onychomycosis. Thousand potential patients be recruited participate to 400 persons in 22 locations the United States and Canadian. A preliminary analysis of plane geometry dates planning in December 2007 after 160 of the participants have completed 24 weeks of treatment. A final analysis of planimetry and complete cure dates is expected in second quarter of 2008, after all test subjects have finished 42 weeks of the treatment. Patient recruitment that trial has current ahead of schedule.