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Diagnostic tests should also be accessible in them to be able to have the convenience of getting analysis and treatment at the same place. There are several fertility clinics which have just the IVF technique and they may not really be feasible for couples who need some other type of treatment. 3. Another important factor before starting your infertility treatment is usually its cost as you have to be ready financially for the implications that will come as a party and parcel of the procedure. It is better if you are in a position to arrange funds for the procedure well in advance so you are stress free during the treatment. You can even collect the figures about various treatment centers and the packages provided by them, which can assist you to compare and pick the best among them.Perinatal Outcome Kids in the prenatal-exposure group were born at a median gestational age group of 36 weeks . A complete of 79 children were born preterm, in comparison with an over-all %age of preterm births of 6.8 to 8.0 percent in the participating countries.15 Eleven children were born between 27.0 and 31.9 weeks , 16 between 32.0 and 33.9 weeks , 52 between 34.0 and 36.9 weeks , and 50 at 37 weeks or later . The number and kind of congenital malformations had been equivalent to those in the overall population , and the total results of neonatal neurologic examinations had been normal. Among 127 kids for whom data on birth pounds were available, the median birth weight was 2705 g . A birth fat below the 10th %ile was reported in 28 of 127 kids in the prenatal-exposure group and in 19 of 125 children in the control group .