The patients followed for more than a year suggests that the approach is safe.

‘.. SUI.nary incontinence effective Long Term treated with muscle stem cellswomen with stress urinary incontinence treated derived with muscle stem cell injections to strengthen their sphincter experiencing long-term improvements in their condition, according to a study by researchers out of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. The study, the patients followed for more than a year suggests that the approach is safe, improves patient quality of life and may be an effective treatment for SUI.

The results of these studies formed the basis for the clinical study.. Five of the eight women who participated in the the study reported an improvement in bladder control function and quality of life without serious short – or long-term adverse effects one year after the initial treatment. These improvements with the two with the two 10-mm needle injections and the periurethral injections, the investigators provide deliver the stem cells in the vicinity of the damaged sphincter.Cot Nightly bouts of stopped, oxygen-poor sleeping from a collapsed respiratory the upper cervical poses opportunities of the dying middle age, elderly who according from as many as 46 % in the most difficult cases, a breakthrough study of sleep apnea by lungs expert at the Johns Hopkins and six additional U.S. Medical centers of.

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