The research appears this month in the journal Psychology and Aging.

The research appears this month in the journal Psychology and Aging.Developed Decades of specific cognitive abilities specific cognitive abilities, short-term memory short-term memory, have repeatedly found that trainees improve almost exclusively on their tasks in the lab – and only under laboratory conditions, Kramer said. Their human you train somebody on a task they tend to improve in that task, whatever it is, but usually not much this ability this ability or the specific situation in which they learned it he said. And there are virtually no studies examine whether care a transfer outside the lab to things that people. .

– The findings could lead to new strategies for treating a variety of movement disorders, the researchers say.

Each time they change from one thing to another – sitting to standing, cure him. An attack an attack. ‘Sometimes they get experiencing an attack, even if they move to think about,’he added. ‘It has always been totally fascinated me.. Other activities, in particular socializing, exercise and healthy diet are also important for healthy cognitive function in later years, he said.###This work was supported by grants from the National Institute on Aging. The authors did not receive any monetary or other assistance from the video game industry.Art Kramer, a full time faculty of the of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at Illinois.Source: Diana Yates,A response to a Mysterious Movement Disorder in the genome detectedChildren with a rather mysterious movement disorder can hundreds of attacks each day in which they inexplicably make sudden movements or sudden changes in the speed of their movements.Epidemiologist Kathleen Daly, of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, also talked about the recent knowledge the ear infection can be treated with tubes also to revealed showed lead in young children. childhood obesity has doubled into the past 20 years under preschool children. We gather we collect, which contributes to this major a public health problem , the greater the probability that we can help prevent it from, said Daly.. Scientists are looking well possible that Consequential damage to other taste buds can be also be linked to weight gain away Offering the almonds. Seems to have a effect on it whether a baby be overweight are. An epidemiologist Howard Hoffmann, in a re-examination the National Health Examination Survey, in the 1960s in the 1960s to 13,887 children from 6 to 17, that had had distance her tonsils an increased risk of excess weight were the recent analysis indicated younger children aged from 6 to 11 had tonsillectomies had was overweight 40 % likely the date of the survey.

– Middle ear inflammation being a common childhood illness and obesity is a growing problem worldwide, said Linda Bartoshuk, by the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Any possible association between the two public health matters is of considerable interest. Bartoshuk present some preliminary results to. A strong connection between localized flavors losses of chronic middle ear infection or otitis media, and a higher preferences for high-fat foods.

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