The researchers did not find a clear association between depression and cancer progression.

The researchers did not find a clear association between depression and cancer progression, although only three studies for analysis.Item . Depression as a predictor of disease progression and mortality in cancer patients: a meta-analysis Jillian R. Wolfgang Linden and Melanie J. Phillips. Published Online: September 14, 2009 Print Issue Date: November 15.

The increased risks remained even after addressing patient other clinical features that may affect survival, indicating that depression may actually play a role in shortening survival. However, the authors say further research needs to be performed before any conclusions can be drawn. They add that their analysis results combined in various tumor types, should be, so that future studies looking at the effects of depression on different types of cancer.Tea imports increased by 5.3 % to 99 estate the past year, according to to the FAO, who is also report that Sri Lanka , the production of of Ceylon Tea increased 1.3 % to 340,614 metric tons. / ceylon-estate – tea-press.. Been to the IGC groups Tea meeting in Bali in order instantly check current world the tea market and prepares its medium-term outlook. The U.S. Tea market was worth $ 5.4 billion in 2003, after of Tea Association of the USA, compared to $ 1.84 billion in 1990.

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