The role of-secretase?

A few years ago, Bart De Strooper and other researchers deciphered the method by which the plaques are. An important role in this process is played by?-Secretase, an enzyme that cuts proteins in a certain place.?-Secretase cleavage is sometimes goes wrong, which the creation of a by-product, and holds together the falls. Whereby plaque Try in their quest for new drugs, key role of key role of these scientists?-Secretase, substances which found in a position to block the formation of plaques.

These highlights are not intended to substitute for articles as sources of information.. On the way to a specific treatmentThis opens new possibilities for the development of drugs that affect the inactivation of-secretase? Because current methods prevent the action of the whole complex, they also cause a lot of adverse effects. The findings of the Leuven researchers should make it possible to develop drugs that are directed to a single subunit , and thus a much more specific effect. – You’ll probably never be able to give people back their memories, says Bart De Strooper This will be the main purpose of a drug, as many brain cells as you can by stopping the progression of the disease to save in the areas of the brain, where it has already developed, and by preventing plaque formation in the parts of the brain have not yet been affected.This is the part truly nailed myself, says Stein, the robot physiologic physiological signals of the person the match tax that spacing and angle of the tire, and the person says positive mood a positive mood your computer was responsive to their needs .. The researchers report that the physiological data they are used collected to an affective model for any person who is his or her own emotional states of liking, fear and dedication with accuracy on predicted can be develop better than 80 %. They also showed that this information is real time in order real time to match this configure in a way that clear which the degree of commitment changing kids.

‘.. In that future, Researchers anticipate technologies such as robots and virtual reality environments assume some of the load behavior therapy, which a the most most times -consuming and expensive aspects of treatment of treatment.

The capacity to accurately monitor a child’s emotional condition especially important said for the treatment of ASD, Stone:.’Children with autism are not necessarily the kind of emotional cues us to know know how to read you are not necessarily a good reporter their.