The study consists of two parts.

Final results are expected in 2009.Is a genetically AS1409 fusion protein combines the anti-tumor cytokine IL – tumor-targeting tumor-targeting antibody. Other companies have tested IL-12 as an anti-cancer drug. Clinical trials promising signs of activity in renal cancer and melanoma. IL-12 also caused significant side effects. The combination of IL-12 with a tumor – targeting antibody targets specifically at its effect on tumors. Avoiding unwanted effects on healthy tissue.. The study consists of two parts. In the first, successive cohorts of patients received escalating doses of AS1409. This continues until a maximum tolerated dose is identified. The second part of the study will evaluate the safety and efficacy of this dose in 20 additional patients.

However, the systemic administration of IL-12 is limited by its toxicity. AS1409 is to deliver IL-12 directly to the tumor vasculature via the antibody BC1 and cause a localized immune cascade while minimizing the systemic side effects of IL-12.. Hospitals in the UK and New Zealand took part in the phase I study. UK cancer specialist and investigator Dr James Spicer, of Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, said: ‘AS1409 is an interesting approach to look at the on look at the activity to an IL-12, but seeks to use this, a more achieve tumor – specific effect I hope that this will ultimately translate into a benefit for the patients, and look forward to the results of the phase I trial ‘.‘When anniversary of the earthquake approaches, it is important to be even more help to the shortcomings of the previous year given the immense needs of its population and the trust of bestowed lent meet these needs contradict,’Unni Karunakara, 120-bed the international president. ‘By the ongoing generous support benefactors and commitment of our employees many of which staying continue working despite the death of family members and friends – MSF dedicated on our experience Haiti supporting of our our programs in the country and for future emergencies for future emergencies.

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