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The traditionally Asian diet , many of raw fish and seafood, and guests and restaurateurs to be aware of the risks posed by food poisoning by contaminating bacteria. In Korea between 2003 and 2006 about 12 percent of food poisoning cases were due to a type of bacteria called Vibrio, whose family includes the microbe that causes cholera. Put a brass plate at the bottom of the tank – Now Korean scientists have come up with a simple and effective way to ensure that shellfish surely come chemical histamine . – We have shown that copper ions diffuse out from a brass plate filled in an aquarium with sea water , and within 40 hours the copper killed 99, Vibrioof Vibrio food poisoning bacteria contaminating the living fish and shellfish, Jeong – Weon Huh says the Department of Health Research, at Gyeonggi-do Institute of Health and Environment, Republic of Korea.

‘the ability to remove the copper ions, from consuming people from consuming excess copper themselves , but let them safely enjoy any kind of fish, ‘either raw or cooked, says Dr Jeong – Weon Huh.

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