The Wall Street Journal: New York City Health & Hospitals Corp.

While said HHC says the plan affecting all employee groups that would be most affected administrators and blue-collar trades employees, many of which run to keep building work, Alan Aviles, HHC , the President said in an interview. These cuts would be in addition to the estimated 1,300 jobs already through attrition in the current budget to 30 June be cut. Nearly 39,000 will be released on Tuesday. HHC budget plan calls for cutting 2,400 jobs in the next four years, including 1,000 in the next year through attrition and layoffs.

But those hopes were dashed. Claiming 000 members have towards the major health reform bills in the House ‘Haberkorn Haberkorn.. The New York Times blog:. ‘New York unveiled what it calls the nation’s first statewide cancer map, which on Monday at the State Department of Health Web site was billed the interactive map allows users to see the number of cases of various types of cancer in different census blocks, which can run into thousands of people in New York City and less than a hundred state circles. Legislation legislation, the cancer map repeatedly pointed out that it is created only raw data presents a number of cancers, with care with care ‘.

‘the National Federation of Independent Business says small business owners worry about the bills ‘ requirement should that employers offer health insurance, and for through higher taxes.The study also found in that the rate of all nosocomial infections on Pennsylvania hospital decreased by almost 8 percent out of 19.000 patient in 2006 to 17.7 % of 1,000 patients in 2007. The infection rate at the individual hospitals to a number of reasons, including infections hospitals to track as well dealt with the type of patient and contain infection practices varies. Y This report is available online.

Infection contract during their care in 2007 Patients who a contract infection was six times higher dying, according to the study.. Reasons, including cost of Patients More, Pennsylvania Study ShowsThe average account for Pennsylvanians had instructed the infection During your hospital for almost five-and-a – half views greater than for patients who did not contract infection, Pennsylvania Health Care Cost containment the Council trial released Thursday Used, the Philadelphia Inquirer report.