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Some health professionals are greedy and have exploited malignancy fears and made billions of dollars in the bargain. They do this by using disease mongering, creating diseases that just aren’t there. And malignancy screenings are one method to do it. Lets not really be naive. For instance, cancers that won’t kill you or will go away are extremely common. Yet when caught on advanced medical screening scans, they’ll frequently aggressively be treated, often leading to expensive and dangerous treatments. Another for instance, false positives, ‘spots’ and cancers which will never damage you are extremely common. One primary example is thyroid cancers. Very few people die from thyroid cancers.This month Just, thousands of Floridians coping with HIV/Helps were on the verge of shedding access to their life-saving medicines as Florida’s ADAP ran out of cash. My amendment reallocates $14 million from each one of the Fiscal Year 2011 administrative budgets of the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance , Health Resources and Services Administration , and National Institutes of Wellness in order to offer $42 million to ADAP.