This victory employs years of advocating by AFGE and numerous veterans organizations.

‘The advanced financing will give the Division of Veterans Affairs up to a full year to plan for the most effective and efficient way of delivering medical care,’ stated National Secretary Treasurer and retired VA nurse J. David Cox. ‘America’s veterans deserve this. This is a step in the proper direction for the company.’ ‘Congress also included a requirement that the GAO audit VA’s budget projections,’ explained Women’s and Fair Procedures National Vice President Augusta Thomas. ‘This move will further stabilize an agency where in fact the current program of politics-driven funding clearly was not working.’ ‘We are pleased to move onward right into a new era for the VA,’ said NVAC President Alma Lee.Direct-to-consumer genomic risk testing recently attracted national interest when one company that provides such testing, Pathway Genomics,3 announced it would sell it is DNA saliva kits in Walgreen stores nationwide.22 This announcement led the meals and Medication Administration to consider if the federal regulatory approval of consumer genomic lab tests is warranted.23 The controversy offers been complicated in part by a lack of prospective data concerning the aftereffect of testing on consumers and on the clinical validity and utility of the tests. Our study was not made to test the clinical validity and utility of the Navigenics Health Compass, nor does it shed any light on these critically important characteristics. Our focus was on analyzing the effect of examining in a selected band of consumers.