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Alcon Japan moves live with Varicent incentive product sales and compensation performance management solutions Varicent solution to enable modeling and forecasting functionality as well as business ownership The leading innovator in incentive compensation and sales performance management solutions, Varicent Software Incorporated, announced today a successful go live of Varicent for Alcon Japan Ltd . After a thorough survey of SPM products, Alcon Japan Ltd. Chose Varicent because of their dedication, attentiveness and ability to meet the company’s tight implementation timelines.

It really is well-known that the brains of long-term alcoholics atrophy and shrink already, the study authors say, but the new findings will be the first evidence that using tobacco may donate to that atrophy, particularly in grey matter of the parietal and temporal lobes. Fifty to 90 % of alcoholics are smokers, regarding to Dieter Meyerhoff, PhD, a radiology researcher at SFVAMC and the principal investigator of the analysis Just looking at the quantity of tissue mass lost because of either drinking or cigarette smoking, alcoholics who smoke display a larger loss in some regions of the brain compared to alcoholics who don’t smoke cigarettes, says Meyerhoff, who also is a professor of radiology at the University of California, San Francisco. The study, which was published in the August 2005 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, compared 37 recovering alcoholics between the ages of 26 and 66 with a control band of 30 healthy light drinkers.