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With powerful new technologies, the sequencing was done in less than a month , and at a fraction of the cost of sequencing to open the door to similar sequencing analysis of complete genomes of other cell lines high in a reveal precise and cost-effective manner. In his heart, cancer is a genetic disease, said co-author Dr blue pill . Stan Nelson. Cancer cells mutations penetrate tissue and they can not live by normal rules have acquired. Changes from normal that in view of the cancer have those specific properties are given in the DNA, and the entire DNA sequence was decoded just too complex and expensive until now. .

This new ‘map ‘of the U87 genome Armed scientists who have studied for a long time, this cell line can now interpret their findings to date and better direct future studies on this and other malignancies, was for the whole genome sequencing is not complete. This knowledge can also prompt clinician tests and tools to determine if the treatment was successful to develop, thus preventing overtreatment with harmful can can later debilitating health problems.

With novel simulation techniques in on national data from 2000-2004 and 2005-2006 validate dates, for the study future projections for the distribution of the BMI in the United States. To research examined statistics to many types of Americans on gender, age and race, trying to determine what groups of Been most obese over stable , rising or reduced by weight of.