You have already created a second and now the third generation of therapy.

One idea is to insert genes into the viral smart bomb that chemotherapeutics chemotherapeutic agents themselves. In this way, a patient might receive an inert form of chemotherapy, toxic to toxic to normal cells activated by the activated by the delta virus, in the cancer cells in the cancer cells ‘We would gene chemotherapy activated only on tumor cells ‘deliver, says Conrad.. You have already created a second and now the third generation of therapy, In this way any evidence skillful infect cancer cells.

More than 20 completed or ongoing studies Advexin such such solid tumors such as lung, head and neck-, breast and ovarian cancer Some of these studies are now ongoing at MD Anderson, as well as other cancer centers around the world. There was a fatal immune response to an experimental adenovirus-based therapy that abruptly halted gene therapy research nationwide died in 1999 when 18-year-old Jesse Gelsinger during participation in a University of Pennsylvania clinical trial. The study was not about cancer, but has been developed to treat a rare metabolic disorder. Another experiment in France using a virus vector succeeded beautifully in the treatment of young patients a critical immune deficiency disease, but also caused leukemia in two patients. The gene that was delivered settled down next to an oncogene, and turned it on..‘I am glad that the of rejection, which be Food and Drug Administration to review the evidence to synthetic food dyes behavioral disturbances in children behavioral problems in children Red 40, and dyes no beneficial dietary or preserving agents value of, its only function is cosmetic and, by ‘cosmetics ‘I feel that often used for often used to junk food attractiveness to young children. In the United States the presence of a sound fruit or other natural active agent Surprisingly it food that does not foods that are not particular colorful.

With FDA can be advise if application some of additional labeling requirements for products coloring agents dyes.. In Europe, the law required the most stained foods , reminder warning which is an strong incentive to manufacturers of food products, no artificial colors. What I have heard has, European survivors quite well. It is the big shame out of many U.S. Food company that you. Supply of safe, naturally colored product into Europe but not in the United States are allowed, but lay people and a number of scholars have found that ADHD rates are parallel with the lot of dyes added to foods few decades decades, and wondered whether is be a connection.

An FDA advisory committee begins a two-day meeting of present to see whether food dyes be connected to hyperactivity, according to the available data.